Thursday, May 12, 2011

Guest Designer!

Hello Blog Peeps!
Welcome to another "A Card a Day in the Month of May! Today is my day, and I'm really excited to share my card with you. If you haven't looked at all the other days, check out Mischelle's blog.
I created my card waaaaay back in March! Yes! You read that right!!!! I was AHEAD of the game for change. I used the Exotic Bird Collages set (T-3110) and the Damask Backgrounder set (T-3276); two of my favorite stamp sets!!!!!
I used a yellow Prisma color pencil to add just a hint of color to the pelican's beak. The words are from the Sophisticated Sentiments set (TB-3364).
Something that I LOVE to do is create "FAUX" stuff. Faux seude, faux sanding--love all the FAUX stuff. So for this card, I made some faux scallops by punching out circles to create scallops--see?
I know it's been done before but just in case you hadn't seen it, now you have! :} Just think how easy it is to change the size of your faux scallops--little circles, little scallops; big circles, big scallops! Love it!!
Something else I like to do with each card I create is to write the "recipe" on the back of card RIGHT AFTER I create THE final version of my card.

I list the stamp sets I used, the pads, accessories, everything I need to know to re-create it again. See the date I completed my finished card??? If you know me, you know that "Yuki" and "self-discipline" do not go together!!! I have no self-discipline, but I do try really really hard to write the recipe on the back of each and every card I create. (If only I thought housework was just as important!)
So, there you have it--another "Card a Day in the Month of May" based on a fantastical sketch.
Now, go out there and create your own fun!!   :}
Yuki, angel 160

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Meri said...

Great card Yuki. Damask Backgrounder is one of my favorite sets too. Interesting idea about the stamp recipe. Since I try not to actually send my cards (not that I'm always successful), I usually write the recipe on a post it and then post all the info to my blog so I can find it again later if I want to recreate the card.