Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Disneyland

LOVE Cinderella's Castle.  Just looking at it is magical.  Thumper is just behind me.  Do you see him?  Thumper is THE reason why (to this day) I will not eat rabbit.  
The thought of eating Thumper hurts my heart.  Just can't do it; won't do it.
Disney has a new thing to collect! Of course, this is a HUGE version of it.  You pick clothes or something like that.  There are many many many different mouse figures (some very colorful) you can buy.    For kids, I'm sure it must be the rage!!!!
I was soooooooo attracted to the swirls painted on this building in Downtown Disney.  I love swirls or flourishes.  Such a fun building don't you think?
And yes, we did go inside to look at all the pretties.
Soooo, go out there and create some FUN.

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