Monday, April 18, 2011

Is there anything better than "all you can eat BBQ"?

I don't usually like to partake in a buffet because I tend to eat way too much, trying to get my money's worth.
But, I made reservations for this restaurant to do the "all you can eat BBQ" for Zip.  Yes, for Zip.
As with all food in Disneyland, it was quite expensive but what can you do?  Not eat????
We made it a point to NOT eat anything until we got here. 
So by the time 6pm rolled around, we were really hungry!!!!!
I probably ate about 6 BBQ ribs, 3 chicken legs (my favorite part of the chicken), a sausage link, 2 corn on the cob, a large helping of coleslaw, a large helping of BBQ beans, and cornbread with lots of butter.  Plus I had my usual diet coke and water to drink.
It was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good. 
I was sooooooooooo stuffed.
We were lucky to be seated under a huge outdoor heater so we were pretty toasty while we ate (yes, it was a bit chilly).
Every now and then, enjoy the simple pleasure of eating till you want to burst. . . 

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Lisa Phillippi said...

MMmmmm...Love me some bbq! We had some awesomw bbq in Warrenton-which is almost a good as Disneyland!