Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Things I Love!

February--the month of LOVE--expressing our love to people important to us AND, to me, NOT taking for granted the things that make our lives wonderful not only during the month of February but everyday of the year.

I LOVE it when I can start a load in the dishwasher AND a load of clothes in the washer AND go to my stamproom and play. I feel as though I'm accomplishing tons AND doing something FUN!!!! I don't take my dishwasher or washing machine for granted at all.   There are many many families who don't have these wonderful appliances!
In February, think about all the blessings around you and APPRECIATE them.
These are just SOME of the things I love, in no particular order:

I love digital photography and my digital cameras.
I love my mini van.
I love my DVR (it's like Tivo).
I love my laptop.
I love my air card (broad band card--you know what I mean, right?).
I love all the many many fast food options.
I love getting mail on Saturdays.
I love having a roof over my head.
I love my stamproom even though it's a mess most of the time.
I love my washing machine and dryer.
I love my dishwasher.
I love flushing toilets.
I love Netflix.
I love my house, backyard, and where I live.
I love having friends in my life who I can trust.
I love being retired.
I love roadtrips with the Zipster.
I love writing in my journal (been doing this for over 40 years now).
I love my flip flops (the ones made in Brazil).
I love wearing jeans.
I love the United States Army and how it has always been a part of my life ( and still is).
I love ice cubes.
I love my refrigerators (all three of them).
I love Mexican food.
I love desserts.
I love being with Zip--each day and everyday.
I love taking photos of just about everything.
I love being a rubber stamper.
I love my CuddlDuds in the winter time.
I love creating something pretty out of pieces of paper.
I love learning new things.
I love getting an "A" as a result of my hard work.
I love channel surfing--don't touch my remote!
I love chips and salsa (with REAL butter on my chips).
I love Stickles and anything that sparkles.
I love the show "Survivor"!
I love the Zipster.
I love that I can love all these things and more.

What do you love?
until next time, go

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Lisa Phillippi said...

I have lot's of love too! Love having you as my friend and chocolate, and my little dachshund!