Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tweeked Valentine Cards

Okay, are you ready to see some TWEEKING???? The card above is the design I presented to the Calligraphy ladies. Take a scroll down and see some of the tweeking; it's amazing!
One very talented calligrapher wrote a sentiment (card on left) even! How kewl is that?

Notice the middle square in the card above??
How about these squares? :} Love it.
I love how the hearts slant to the left (card on left). Just a small tweek and eek, it's so kewl.

Love the tiny sticker hearts on this card, but it was a "rob Peter to embellish Paul" sort of thing. The shiny sticker hearts were for another one of my card designs.

Are you enjoying all the tweeking? I hope so. This just proves that with a little creativity (and we ARE creative right?), one card design can be tweeked into many many designs--it's the same but different--kinda like how we humans are--all the same but different. I like that.
I love this card! And yes, it's a different one (go check if you don't believe me!) but written by the same talented calligrapher. Wish I could keep it but it must be passed on to the San Antonio Battered Women's Shelter to work its magic on someone who needs a warm hug in the shape of a card.
Stay tuned for more tweeks. . .


PennyD said...

Love it!!! Love the colors

rhos place said...

Hey, you showed 2 of mine....thank you! They are all beautiful, lots of hard work from some dedicated ladies!