Friday, December 24, 2010

Do You Sushi?

I do. I love it. Any type o f Sushi--I LOVE!!!!! To some people, Sushi is a treat but to me, it was a common food item when I was growing up. My Mom would make it from scratch, of course, starting with the rice and add all kinds of not American type stuff. I would eat Nori, the stuff that usually wraps a sushi, for a snack. In case you don't know what Nori is--it's dried pressed sheets of seaweed--yummy!!!!! Are you gettin' hungry yet?
I don't make sushi at home but love buying it at HEB. It's the closest thing to "remembering all the good Sushi my Mom used to make" but like anything gud, it's not cheap.
BUT. . . since it's the holidays and I'm trying to get into the Christmas spirit of giving, I decided to give myself a PRESENT!!!!
I bought some inside-out California roll. It's called that because the Nori is inside the Sushi instead of wrapping around the rice on the outside.
It also came with this yellowish drizzle on it (something my Mom never did) that was pretty good. I devoured all the Sushi within a matter of minutes. The package of Sushi also came with some Wasabi, Ginger, and Soy Sauce--which I devoured too!
PLEASE NOTE--if you want to try the Wasabi, remember that a little bit goes a looooong way; otherwise, you might find yourself with steam coming out of your ears!
See???? All gone--bye bye--so long Sushi, it made like a banana and split; made like a side and walked; made like a baby and head out; and made like a tree and leaf'ed.

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