Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Spooky Fun!

My my my, ain't we a pair? In case you couldn't tell---it's me and the Zipper! Zip did his own makeup (both days!). He made his shield from a pizza pan--he took old belts and cut them to size and made handles on the back of the pizza pan--oh, sorry, I mean the shield.
His armour is one of my old old blouses that's made out of knitted leather. He sprayed painted it silver and cut the sides so it could slip over his head. In real life, it looks pretty darn real (maybe that's why it's called "real" life, huh?).
You can't tell but we are both wearing the same black costume. It was pretty generic so depending on what you added, you could really be just about anything you wanted. I wanted to be a witch and Zip wanted to be some sort of scary warrior! Don't you just love Zip's green punky hair?
Here's the poster for the event we helped out at. All I wanted to do was make popcorn with the cute popcorn machine they bought. It was so much fun. I sold popcorn both nights. Now, I LOVE popcorn but I think by the time Sunday night rolled around, I didn't want to see, smell, taste popcorn for a while!
Here I am with Rho, a friend of mine, who was dressed as Tinkerbell. She helped out inside the Pullman passenger car which probably wasn't the BEST idea because her wings got stuck in several places. I wonder if the real Tinkerbell had the same problem?!
This is our friend, Bill, who is a member of the train club. He and his wife, Connie, have devoted many many many hundreds of hours of their time in restoring the Pullman cars. What was once a stinky eye sore is now a showcase of days gone by when trains played an important role in people's lives. They also decorated the cars for Halloween! Oh my gosh, was it awesome! If you didn't make it this year, you sure did miss something spooktactular!
This is just ONE example of how kewl the decorations were! So much thought and creativity went into each room.
This is me, of course, with my friend Connie (not to be mistaken for the Connie that belongs to Bill). This Connie belongs to Richard. We are in another room in one of the Pullman cars.
There were several "photo spots"--this is one! Here we are--Lisa, Rho, me and Connie.
This is during the second night because, YES, that's right. You guessed it! Zip's makeup is different. Wow, you're good! The guy dressed up like a cowboy is the Chairman of the Board of the Train Museum.
Oh, and yes, Zip did make his spear--he used a wooden stick (saved from something because that's what we do--keep stuff just in case we need it) and real leather wrappings. The tip of the spear is made out of ceramic (he made it from leftover pieces of clay, painted it, then fired it in our kiln).
You can kinda see it better in this photo. It's a kewl spear! I think Zip can make just about anything.
Okay, pop quiz time--which day is this? The first day or the second day?

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