Friday, August 20, 2010

Fill It Up!

While we were on one of our roadtrips, we spent quite a many days at the Mall of the Americas in the Leggo store, filling up their plastic tubs with Leggo stuff.
Well, we were at the Staples store in San Antonio and found this.
I'm thinking that a gimmick like this is made JUST FOR US because we are truly suckers when it comes to "fill it up"!!!
We love the challenge of trying to get as much stuff stuffed in a tub as possible!
Soooo, this is like our very own Leggo stuffing store but instead of Leggo's we have paperclips in various shapes, erasers, rubberband balls, magnets, pencil sharpeners, oh my gosh, lots of good stuff to stuff with.
We may have to grow old but we don't have to grow up, right?
Find the child in you and get out there and stuff a tub with stuff!

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Rho's place said...

oh this is too cute! zip looks like a big kid having a great time.