Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fabric Flowers

Ohhhhhhh, aren't these PRETTY!???? I love them. While watching a movie with the Zipper one night, I sat there and assembled these flowers. I had already die cut them, using a Tim Holtz flower die, so all I needed to do was stack them. I made about 15 of them. Eleven of them are for the goodie bag swap; the rest are mine!!!!!
My favorite is the lace flower! I think it just adds that extra element of texture or something that just seems to "make" the flower.
I bought about 1 yard of several different upholstery fabric plus rummaged through the "odds and ends" bin for interesting textures.
I'm also trying to organize things in my house--ha ha, DON'T GET ME STARTED. . . and have a bunch of lace curtains that might be turned into flowers here soon! Shhhh, don't say anything though. I don't want the lace curtains to "bolt"!
Get it? Bolt!


Rho's place said...

You so crack yourself up, don't you! I can hear you from here!!!

terrybeaty said...

The fabric flowers are just fabulous......."DARLING."
How fugal to shop the bargin bin. I always shop it myself and have found some wonderful bargins.
And, I have to say, I loved the shabby chic paper flowers we learned at the last get-together at you house. I have made a few since and each one comes out better than the last. Terry

terrybeaty said...

Again, you are sooooo fugal and frugal too and I'm ROTFL, Terry