Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

of mice and men! Have you ever heard that phrase? I'm sure you have--maybe when you were in high school, you have to read John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men"!
The phrase, though, is from Robert Burns' poem "To a Mouse" written in 1785.

See all the stuff in the photo?
My friend, Lisa P., said she was going to make a flower wreath and showed me the flowers she had made--totally cute! We were at Michaels at the time and the more I thought about her making a flower wreath, the more I wanted to make one too.
So while at Michaels, I picked out various spools of ribbon and some purple-ish bead picks.

I looked at this as a challenge to see who could make the cuter wreath! I love challenges!!!!

I went home and picked out some papers (all papers used are from The Angel Company), and proceeded to make some flowers.
I used several different punches, stickled each flower, sponged all their edges (I don't like white edges), and used a bone folder to "round" all the petals. I then picked several flowers of various sizes and inserted a flower brad to hold them all together!

I painted my wreath base and then tied the ribbons around the base. Once I had all ribbons tied, I started to lay the flowers I had made and thought, "oh my gosh, this looks like doodoo!"
In my mind I had thought the flowers would go with the ribbons but they didn't!

Now what?
Well, I wrapped some white/purple-ish fibers around the wreath (kinda in between the ribbons) to tone down some of the color and tried some other flowers I had made. Nope. Still looked like doodoo!

I decided to just add the purple-ish bead picks and call it a day! You can see Lisa's wreaths on her blog. I think she won the challenge for sure! I LOVE both her wreaths!

I plan on making another wreath, using the paper flowers I already made. Wish me luck!
Oh, check back tomorrow to see my finished wreath (the one with no paper flowers)!

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Lisa Phillippi said...

You totally crack me up! But I am flattered that you liked my wreaths! I bet yours is beautiful!I still want to make one more that will be different from the other 2.