Friday, September 25, 2009


I love taking photos of the sky and sunsets in particular. Sometimes, you only have a few minutes (sometimes only seconds) to take a really nice sky/sunset photo.
In a wink of an eye, the beautiful colors or rays of a sunset are gone so if you see it, you better be ready to take it.
One of my favorites! We were visiting some friends who live by this beautiful lake in Minnesota and I walked down to the water to take this shot. Within seconds, it was gone!

Here's two photos taken within minutes of each other and you can see the difference in cloud formations and where the sun is positioned--both gorgeous!

I took a whole slew of beautiful sunset photos during our roadtrip and each one takes my breath away!
I am so lucky that I can see and enjoy the beauty of our wonderful United States!


serendipitous said...

These are some beautiful shots! I absolutely love the one with the lake and the dock. It's gorgeous.

Rita said...

Beautiful Sunsets! rita w

Audrey said...

Beautiful sunsets!!!!