Monday, August 24, 2009

Seattle at Night

Well, these are a bit out of order but I think you'll get the idea. I took these photos at Kerry Park, which is in the Queen Anne Hill area of Seattle. From here, you can get an unsurpassed view of two icons--the Space Needle and (on a clear day) Mount Rainier!
We had to drive up some very very very (did I say very yet) steep roads to get up here. I was scared. I didn't want to look! I was thinking that the car wouldn't be able to make it up the hill and that we would roll backwards and crash and burn! I just didn't want to see it if that happened! Ignorance is bliss sometimes!
Here it's just getting a bit dark. This was another place that Tina suggested! Hooray for Tina!
It was wonderful (except for the steep roads). The view was awesome as you can see but I was really wishin' somebody would trim some of the trees in front of the Seattle skyline! :}

There was a whole bunch of us up there--Zip and me, Tina and Mackey, and the ladies from Ohio--Rita, Sandy, and Lois, who arrived in Seattle on Wednesday.
We stayed here for hours, taking photos from dusk to nightfall. Of course, I didn't have a tripod with me so it wasn't easy getting a "night" shot with no blurring. And for those of you with "point and shoot" cameras, be aware that that's what I used to take these photos (really all my photos). My super duper totally kewl neato bandito and RED (new) Canon PowerShot SD780 IS. I took a BUNCH of photos but these are probably some of my best shots! Isn't that always the case when taking photos? You take a whole mess of photos but only get a few favorites! Well, I hope you like 'em!
Yepper, that's us! How did you guess?! The ride back down the hills wasn't any better. I volunteered to sit NOT IN THE FRONT SEAT so I wouldn't have to see anything. Ahhh, mucho better! Yes call me a cluck cluck that's okay! I is what I is!


Rita said...

Awesome photos! Love the Seattle skyline.

rita w

Lisa Phillippi said...

So pretty there...looks like yall are having a great time.