Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oregon Surprise!

Okay, so we are in Oregon! We wanted to get some gas for our car. Nothing out of the ordinary right?
We pull up to a gas station and Zip is greeted by a female who asked Zip what if he wanted a fill up! We did, so she proceeds to pump our gas for us. We are both looking at each other, thinking "what the heck is going on"! But we don't say anything.
She leaves to go help somebody else, so I get a hold of the gas pump and pump the rest of the gas! She bolts over to our gas pump and looks at me as though I now have two heads.
And do you know what she said to me???????
She said, "You know you can be fined for pumping your own gas."
Ha ha, I thought! Yeah right. I start to laugh. She then tells me that it's illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon!
I stood there with the gas pump in my hand, waiting for her to laugh or something, indicating that she's just joking but she doesn't. She is looking mighty serious. So I release my grasp and proceed to step away from the gas pump!
So are we still in the United States? What just happened here!?
Have you ever heard of such a thing?


PawsN2Stamp said...

Yes, I have...we live in Oregon and think about how many jobs it creates because we don't pump our own gas.

Not only that...if you are ever in a bad rainstorm and dressed to go'll be thankful that you don't have to pump your own gas. :-)

I had to get used to it too, after living in WA where we did pump our own gas...but it didn't take me long :-)

BTW....Jantzen Beach was a favorite place to go when I was growing up. I loved that amusement park!!

Keep having fun on your're in my stomping grounds now. I was raised in WA.


Rita said...

That's amazing!! Thought full service had gone by the wayside everywhere! rita w

Meri said...

It's illegal to pump your own gas in New Jersey too. Tom and I found that out on a trip out there a few years ago. I couldn't believe it either! But it is kind of nice.