Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great American Roadtrip Route

Okay, so. . . if you want to know our roadtrip route, here it is. We started in San Antonio, TX, of course and went to San Angelo, then went up up up! Where you see the dashes--we've changed the original route to something else.
Up in the Yellowstone area, we decided to drive to Cody, WY, to get to Custer, SD--what a beautiful drive that was (more later). I'm so glad we did this.
And then, we've decided to NOT go to Branson but go to Arkansas to do some panning for diamonds! How fun will that be? We owe this route change to Cynthia and Tony!!! They live in Missoula, MT, and sapphires from the ground are still there for the picking!
They took us to an place in the Sapphire Mountains called Gem Mountain, and we bought 12 buckets of gravel. And, yes, they do weigh a lot. I almost had to leave Zip there because our poor little mini van was huffing and puffing with each bucket we added.
And yes, it's all in the car with us! I'm guessing the 12 buckets of gravel might weigh about 200 - 250 pounds but who's counting. Not me that's for sure!
If we had had more time, we could have "panned" through our buckets for sapphires right there and then but we didn't. We had to "make like a side and walk, make like a tree and leaf, make like a baby and head out."

They also turned us on to "searching for diamonds in Arkansas"! Diamonds? Did somebody say, "diamonds"? I am so there! I love diamonds.
So I did a search and found the place in Arkansas. We wanna go there and see wazzzzzup! Yes, even Zip is excited about going there too!!!!! So thank you Cynthia and Tony!

Right now, we are in Custer, SD, visiting Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and more!
You won't read about our adventures in this area just yet because I want to give you glimpse into our Alaska cruise first! I'm trying to go in order and not skip around too much! :0
So keep checking back, okay?


Anonymous said...

Be sure to drive through Custer Park - the donkeys and groundhops are a delight to see. rita w

martha said...

I can't wait to see your Yellowstone pics. We are thinking about going there next summer!