Sunday, July 19, 2009

If it's Sunday, it must be Lubbock!

Yepper, we are in Lubbock, TX.
Today is Day #1 of our roadtrip! We drove through San Angelo and stopped at one of my Red Hot's house, Kerri. Rose, another Red Hot, and her hubby, Larry, came by too. It was GREAT to see them all.
In the first photo--that's Zip at Kerri's handmade sign for the street they live on.
Then the next photo is the three of us--Rose, Kerri, and moi!
The last photo is Kerri and family--are they all adorable or what?!
We said our goodbyes after about two hours (had a great meal too--thank you Kerri! and a "better than anything" dessert--thank you Rose!) and continued on to Lubbock!
Oh. . . even though today is our first day, it was not without incident. We had water in the car because the drain hole of the ice chest wasn't closed all the way! I won't point fingers (Zip) but it wasn't my fault (Zip did it); I'll let you draw your own conclusions! :}


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip. Hope you post more pics along the way! rita w

Rho's place said...

Ahhh poor Zip. Even on the first day you get into trouble!