Saturday, May 30, 2009

We Will Never Forget!

When I was working, Memorial Day meant another day off. An extra day to catch up on things or just do nothing at all. Well, since I've been retired, ALL my days are an extra day to catch up on things or do nothing at all (yeah right). It's easy to forget WHY there is a Memorial Day.
This day is filled with the souls of our soldiers. It's a day that should make us stop for 24 hours and think about the lives of others instead of our own. Sure, Memorial Day is part of a 3-day weekend, filled with thoughts of summer time fun and vacations, and maybe even a BBQ in the backyard or local parks.
For many, Memorial Day is day of sadness, filled with tears and lost memories.
If we can stop for just one day and remember our soldiers, those whose lives were cut all too short, and the soldiers still fighting the fight, we not only honor them but this country as well.
Let's never take for granted the freedoms we enjoy. Let's never forget that we live in the greatest country in the world. Let's never forget WHY we are the greatest country in the world.
In this way, we honor our soldiers daily.
The beautiful roses and card were given to Zip and me from Dianna, a friend and fellow stamper, last Sunday (the day before Memorial Day). She also had roses and cards for three others who had a military connection. We had all come together for a class at my house!
Her sincere desire to honor us in some way was so thoughtful and loving. Thank you so much Dianna!!

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