Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Story Behind the Window

Recently, Zip and I, in our quest for adventure and fun because we are both retired and have nothing better to do, went to Los Patios here in San Antonio. If you have never been to Los Patios--it's a must see.
They have a super duper nice restaurant and various unique shops spread out on the property, and the most beautiful and tranquil green stuff you have ever seen. It's like a little oasis in the desert of San Antonio.

Well, Zip was especially excited to visit Los Patios because he found out that one of the buildings there had a window from the Katy train station (official name is MKT, Missouri, Kansas, Texas Railway) in San Antonio. It was demolished in 1969 and the window is the only surviving piece of architecture from that station.
Zip and a fellow member of the train club are trying to restore a "model" of that station, so Zip wanted to go see the actual window, which was moved to Los Patios and made part of one of the buildings there.
This building houses the Skeepskin & Leather Collection, owned by The Knudsen's, who we found out are Danish, from Denmark, and they both speak Danish!!!! I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to know this because I have a whole box of letters, journals, and notes written by my grandfather and grandmother (on my Dad's side), who were born in Denmark and no clue as to what anything means. The Knudsen's said they would be willing to translate them for me!!!!!!

So our little adventure to Los Patios proved very interesting for both of us!!!!

If you are ever in the San Antonio area, you won't be disappointed if you make a quick stop at Los Patios, 2015 Northeast Loop 410, to see the beautiful window from the Katy Train Station and to take in a little shopping or some vittles.


Margo said...

Leave it to Yuki to make friends everywhere she goes!
The window is beautiful.

martha said...

That is soo cool about your grandparents. Did they immigrate to America or did your dad?

Anonymous said...

Hey where is the dog???