Saturday, February 14, 2009

Black and Pink LOVE Cards!

Okay, I still can't get the hang of photos AND text. The two NEVER seem to come out the way I planned; it's very frustrating, let me tell you.
So, I have the photos below in a separate blog entry and the text is here in another blog entry. Geezzzz, you would think I would "get it" by now but, alas, I still don't have it down.
Sorry about that!
The cards below are what we did during the Feb Red Hot Social! Even though they are LOVE cards, they are NOT just for Valentine's Day but for any day of the year!
Try changing the color scheme--while I LOVE black and pink, how about trying teal and chocolate brown? Or hot pink and orange? Oh, the possibilities are endless! Have fun coming up with your own color combinations!

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