Saturday, December 20, 2008

Red Hot Calendars!

Every year, my TAC (The Angel Company) stamping group, the Red Hot Rubber Stampers, does a calendar swap. Some years, we only have enough sign up for one calendar; some years more. This year, we had enough Red Hots to have THREE different calendars!
And each year, we have the same sucker, ooops, I mean nice Red Hot to host it. Gloria manages to take care of her kiddos, husband, TAC stamp business, and whatever else she has going in her busy busy life AND host the Red Hot Calendar Swap!
Usually, the calendars are spiral bound. The last two years, Gloria made these gorgeous clipboards for the calendar pages.
This year, I think she must have inhaled one too many cans of aerosol or something because she lost her mind and made "wooden stands" for the calendars--yes, all three calendars had their own stand. Not only did she make these wooden stands from scratch (cut the wood herself without losing any of her fake nails), she painted them all.
The only thing we Red Hots had to do was make 5.5 x 5.5 pages for our designated month. She did the rest.
On 5 Dec, I hosted a Red Hot Social/Christmas Get Together at my house.
Gloria, who lives up in the Dallas area, drove down, along with many other Red Hots, to attend the RH Social.
Here, we got to see the calendars for the first time!!!! And were we impressed! They were AWESOME!
I signed up for all three calendars, of course. So I had three different months to make 14 pages each. Those are my three pages in the photo--February, October, and December.
Aren't the calendars fantastic? I LOVE THEM!
I don't care what anyone says about Gloria, she's TOPS in my book, even though it's a rather small unimportant book. :}
Keep checking back--I'll feature more RED HOT calendar pages!!!!!


Diana said...

This sounds sooo much fun!!! and your calendar pages are GREAT!

Leah said...

These calendars are red hot awesome!!!!

kellyrae said...

I was in the second calendar group and each page is gorgeous. I'm so glad I participated again. Gloria's calendar stand design is very very cool.

martha said...

I like your new background!