Wednesday, October 22, 2008


What is it about the word "Mickey" that brings a smile to just about anybody? Everybody understands. Mickey Mouse. California--Disneyland; Florida--Disney World.

M. . . I. . . C. . . K. . . E. . . Y M. . . O. . . U. . . S. . . E !!!

We have been to both Disneyland and Disney World--once to Disneyland but many many times to Disney World
This is where we went to celebrate my 50th birthday. Screw the Over The Hill party! I didn't want to think "old," have anybody tell me I was "old," or have depressing "old old old reminders around me. No!
I wanted HAPPY! I wanted MAGICAL! I wanted laughter and fun to surround me, and I wanted Mickey and his gang to whip up a "youth potion" to carry me into my fifties.
And he didn't disappoint!

For the roadtrip we're on right now, we decided "on the fly" to drive down Florida way! Heck, why not, right? We've been to the west coast. Why not drive on over to the east coast and see some friends, visit Mickey.
Well, we are here in Orlando, but we didn't go to any Disney theme parks! About as close as we got to Mickey was Downtown Disney. That's such a kewl place. I had a BLAST adding to my collection of antenna balls BIG TIME! I love those things. They are small. They don't weigh much. They are soooooooooooooooooo fricking cute. And very affordable--about $4.95 each.
But I don't use them as antenna balls! I like dressing up my pens and pencils with them.
While I was WORKING, I would have all my Jack in the Box antenna balls on my pens and pencils in a coffee mug on my desk. Whenever I would reach for one to use, I couldn't help but smile. They were so cute and silly looking!

Well, I'm not WORKING now but I still find them irresistibly cute-ums and I have to have them!
I must have bought over 20 NEW balls. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM ALL.
I'll try to take a group shot of them and show ya but for now, that's all she wrote because this old lady is feelin' her age! I am so tarred; I gotta get my shut eye! Hmmm, maybe we should have gone to see Mickey because I think I need his energy to get me through this roadtrip!
Oh well--until later. . .

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Marga said...

So now that you have changed your path homeward, when are you getting back to SA???