Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do you love avocados?

Driving from Ft Lauderdale to Lake City, Florida, we were on the Florida Turnpike. Along the way, there are some wonderful "service areas" with food, gas, and gift shop (emphasis on the gift shop!!!!!).
As you can see, there are vendors selling all kinds of fresh fruit, tomatoes, and HUGE avocados!We love avocados so we bought three of them!
Maybe I haven't seen enough of the world or something but I have NEVER seen an avocado this big. This is not an avocado; this is the whole tree!!!!!
I took two photos with the avocados and a can of soda, hoping that will give you an idea of the size! Does it help?
They were $2.50 each, and I bought three of them. I like buying things in "threes." One is never enough; two is just too even; so three is a nice odd number! I like "three." Even though, the number 3 is my least favorite number to write.

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