Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pier 39

Pier 39 is really interesting. It's full of wonderful shops and yummylicious places to eat. That's where I had my clam chowder in the sourdough bread bowl. Well, there's MORE to Pier 39 than shops and restaurants.

What you ask? Well, how about seals.

They are so fricking funny. Some are sound asleep, minding their own business, not causing a ruckus! But then there are the "bullies" I guess because they are fighting with everybody. They want their own space and they don't want anybody to have even a small piece of ANY sleeping space.
They will push other seals off and then wait for them to try to get back on the platform, where they will nudge them off again. It's so funny.
Now really, can't we all just along?????

Some seals will even walk on top of other seals and wake everybody up, thereby causing another ruckus! Never mind that everybody was sleeping soundly. No! Let's walk on top of everybody and see how they like it. They don't.

We watched these seals for hours.
The city of San Francisco tried to get rid of the seals at Pier 39 but after more and more tourists saw them and LOVED them, the people of San Francisco knew they had a good thing going with the seals and let them be! I'm so glad they did.
We had such a nice time at Pier 39--thanks to the seals! It's something we'll never forget!

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martha said...

I love seals. The last time we were in Santa Cruz I took the girls to the pier to look at them. It was such a fun time!