Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hop On Hop Off!

Once we got to the hotel and parked our car (right in front of our room too!), we didn't dare move it. Parking is first-come first-served and there was NOT enough parking spaces for everybody at the hotel, so our car sat there for the whole time we were in San Francisco! So how did we get around?
Well, at first, with foot power! That's always an option, even for us old folks! And boy did we walk and walk and walk and walk!!!!!
As we got more acquainted with the city, we also took the bus, streetcar, and cable car.
Another option we took advantage of was the Citysightseeing tour buses. For one price, you get to hop on/hop off where ever they have stops--boy, did we love this option!
We rode around the whole route first, just to get the hang of where it goes. Then we decided where we wanted to hop off. Here's Zip--hoping off the bus!

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