Monday, September 29, 2008

Hasta La Vista!

One night, we were in the hot tub, laughing at the cold wind around us!!!! Blades of icy cold air would try to "get us" but we were oblivious to the attacks. We were nice and snuggy under the hot bubbling water. We must have stayed in the hot tub for over 30 minutes I'm guessing. Our bodies were nice and HOT!!!!
We were more than ready to face the cold wind, so out we went.
Zip got my Princess-provided fluffy robe and put it on me. Then he wrapped a huge beach towel around me. He then put on his robe and wrapped himself all snuggy too.

NOTE: When I was picking cabins, I picked our room for two reasons--it was on the same floor as the hot tub and it was on the same floor where the ice cream was located.

So to get back to our room, we had to go less than 60 feet!!! No elevators, no stairs--just a straight shot to our room! YES!!!!!
So here we were--in front of our cabin door--Zip is reaching for the key. But there was NO key.

Yes, that's right! We were standing in front of our cabin door and couldn't get in.

Zip had put it (it's like a credit card) in his robe pocket. It WAS there and now it wasn't.
We walked back out to the cold and started to look for it. NOTHING! No key.
The wind must have taken our key on an adventure without us! It was gone, bye bye, so long, see ya, hasta la vista, bueno bye.

So here we are--in our wet bathing suits, in a bathrobe, with this dorky beach towel wrapped around us.
Our bodies are no longer HOT. Our bodies are now getting quite COLD.
Zip continued to look for the key out in the cold while I went inside to find help.

Thank goodness, I saw a cruise staff person (a lady) walking down our hallway.
She called down to the lobby and had someone bring us another key!!! YEAH!!!!

You can be sure that the next time we went hot tubbing, we put the key inside a plastic bag and then pinned it to Zip's robe pocket.
I think we definitely need adult supervision!

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