Thursday, July 17, 2008

Seminar 2008

Well, Seminar 2008 is over! I had a GREAT time at Seminar and boy, did it go by FAST. I spent countless of hours, working on my trades--cardfronts, 6x6 scrapbook pages, Club Med swaps, special trades--and within 2 - 3 days--WHAM!!! All that hard work in the hands of other angels. Makes my head spin just thinking about it.
I'm sure everybody who attended Seminar feels the same way! We prepare for months and in a matter of days, it's all over!

At Seminar, we got the brand spanking new Angel Company catalog!!!! Yahooooooooo! Love all the new sets and papers! Can't wait to play with all my new stuff!

Since getting home from Seminar, I've been quite the busy little bee, working on the Seminar Photo Albums. I'll have most of them all sent out this week--still need a few more addresses but after these few are sent, I'll be free to play play play! :}

Here are a few photos from Seminar. Hope you enjoy them!

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