Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where's the gift shop?

The BESTEST part of any adventure is the gift shop! Sometimes I like JUST going to the gift shop instead of visiting whatever we're visiting. Yes yes, I know. It shouldn't be about the shopping but I can't help it. If something doesn't have a gift shop--why go? Well, at the gift shop at the caves, I bought a purple sliced agate key chain--it was calling to me so I had to buy it. And some fudge too. That was yelling our names from across the store, so yep. You guessed it. I picked out some chocolate fudge with nuts on it (for Zip) and some vanilla fudge with nuts on it (for me).
All in all, the "cave" stop was so much fun and we were ready to get into the car and sit!!!!!!!

Roswell, NM, was our next stop. The closer we got to Roswell, the more excited I got. I couldn't wait to visit with the aliens. Right near our hotel, down Main Street, was the UFO Museum! Oh yeah!!!! Aliens, here I come.
The museum had the complete story of the alien sighting, which happened back in 1947. Was it a cover up? Was it true that it was just some weather balloons? Or did aliens really crash near Roswell? We will never know but here's what I think--the little green guys did crash near Roswell but didn't stick around since shopping is really limited. I didn't see any malls so can you blame them?

While we were walking up and down Main Street, we found a wonderful scrapbook store called, Imagine That!
It had EVERYTHING! Including a cute alien stamp (which I had to buy) and 12x12 alien scrapbook paper (yep, bought that too!) and alien stickers (yeah, you guessed it!). I bought a small "alien" green ink pad so I could stamp my Roswell postcards with the alien stamp!!!!!
Zip thinks the aliens stayed in Roswell because some of the people there looked pretty "alien" to him. Zip could be right, who knows?
What I did know was that I was going through Mexican food withdrawal. Mexican food is my ultimate favorite and I needed my fix--we hadn't had any Mexican food since Sunday!!!!! So we got into the car and went on the hunt for a Mexican food restaurant in Roswell.

Down Main Street, we found one that looked pretty interesting called Mi Cabana. We crossed our fingers, hoping that it would be Tex-Mex Mexican food and not some alien Mexican stuff. And know what? It was GREAT. For $5.50 (yes we both ordered the same thing), we got a cheese chili relleno, a crispy beef taco, an enchilada (I had cheese, Zip had beef) and rice and beans. Oh my goodness, it was so good. We inhaled the food. Oh, the chips and salsa was good too. We left with our tummies full and very happy.
Stay tuned for alien photos!

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