Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When you have to go, you have to go!!!

Okay, this is not a subject that is usually discussed BUT I will "go there" to tell you this story.
As I've told you, I am NOT pioneer woman! I like my comfort. I LOVE all the modern conveniences that so many of us take for granted, such as having clean water with a turn of a knob, food being kept cold so we use it whenever we want to, and lights at night so we don't have to sit in the dark.
Are we not very lucky to be living NOW instead of way back when????

Well, another thing I dearly love is a flushing toilet! What a mess we would all have if there were NO flushing toilets!!!! Well, on this road trip, we took a toilet with us. It's not a flushing toilet but it is a toilet.
Before we left, we went to Bass Pro Shop and bought it. By having this in the car with us, I was feeling pretty good that no matter what, I didn't have to "hold it."
You know that feeling right? You gotta go but there are no bathrooms up ahead!
Well, we were visiting Four Corners (out in the middle of nowhere!) and we were there for quite a while. We kept seeing all these people with dogs. This one guy had a huge and really beautiful German Shepherd. A couple had a cute little white poodle and some other dog. A lady had a handsome looking Schnauzer.
There were three dachshunds who were raising holy heck too, just barking away whenever anybody got close to their car.
Well, we got to talking to this one couple who had two Vizslas. They told us that they were at a dog show in Cortez!!!! That's why all the dogs!

Well, by the time we left, I had to "go" but I was NOT going to use any of the portable "Johns" which were lined up out in the hot sun! No way! Can you imagine the number of "butts" on those things!? How many ways can you say "yuck"?
We drove up the road a bit and then pulled off to the side of the road so I could use my nice clean toilet. Ahhhh, it was so nice. I just love my car toilet!

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